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The main objectives of HKNGIS are:

(a) To promote an awareness of the need for development of NGI in Hong Kong;
(b) To provide a forum for the exchange of general knowledge and technical information on NGI;
(c) To promote the Association's objectives to the public and educate the public in the development of NGI;
(d) To undertake researches in NGI by itself or in collaborations with other organizations as appropriate; to develop and pilot test various NGI applications for use by organizations in Hong Kong; and to disseminate the research findings to the public;
(e) To hold lectures, discussions, seminars, conferences and exhibitions on subject related to the NGI technology and applications to the IT practitioners and the general public;
(f) To organize, conduct and/or finance or subsidize courses, symposiums, conferences, lectures, seminars, tutorials, workshops and other activities related to NGI as part of the Association's educational programs for schools in Hong Kong;
(g) To liaise with other Hong Kong and overseas bodies and organizations with similar objects in practicing, promoting and researching in NGI;
(h) To advise the Hong Kong public and the HKSAR Government on matters related to NGI development in Hong Kong.
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